Monthly Archives: March 2015

Upsides and Downsides of Don Det

Don Det SunsetI had heard a lot of people get stuck on Don Det. Sometimes, taking the tiny ferry from the mainland to the island and not leaving again for months.

I quickly discovered why upon my arrival. I had planned on being on the island in southern Laos for only a few days before heading on to Don Khon and then farther south to Cambodia.

But it my little hut on Mekong ($5 a night!) was too irresistible. After six weeks of bouncing from city to city, it felt good to finally settle down for a while. My days were filled up with….well, doing pretty much nothing at all. For the most part, I only left my hammock to go get food or to swim in the river.

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Volunteering at the Elephant Nature Park

DSCN0668There are dozens of elephant-themed adventures to choose from in Chiang Mai. Some advertise that you can become a mahout—an elephant caretaker—for a day, some that allow you to ride the elephants, some that are retirement homes for older elephants. It is overwhelming how many different options there were. I did my research before I arrived in Thailand and I learned quickly that not all ele’ adventures should be treated equally.

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