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Homestay in Chi-Phat

ChiPhat Family

Getting to Chi-Phat for my homestay was quite the adventure.

From Kampot, it took a total of almost seven hours and four modes of transportation (minivan, bus, boat, and bike) to get to the little town southwest of Phnom Penh.


Chi-Phat is a community-based ecotourism village located in the beautiful Cardamon Mountains. There are several guesthouses in the village, but I chose to stay with a Khmer family to get the chance to experience daily life of the people who live and work there.

The house I stayed in had no electricity and no running water, and the family I stayed with (my host mom is pictured above) spoke absolutely no English. However, they did make me a delicious dinner and were full of smiles.

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Hello, Cambodia

"Free beer, just for you!"

“Free beer, just for you!”

When I crossed the border from Laos into Cambodia, I instantly felt better.

I had not fallen in love with Laos–the food was subpar and the people I met were not as kind as the ones in Thailand. The people in Cambodia, though, (from my limited experience) are amazing.

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