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Where the Bank Account Ends

Te AnauEven with WWOOFing, which helped me get around New Zealand cheaply, it was clear my money was not going to last. I didn’t need to look at my bank account to know this.

Before I left New York, I had a goal of saving $18,000 for my six-month to one-year trip. But I only made it to $14,000. I should have saved more, since I was working at least 80 hours a week, but I struggled. Because of the anxiety that came with an office job that made me want to jump out a window and working two additional jobs, I spent the little shreds of my free time meeting up with friends for drinks or dinner (or drunk brunch, of course). On days that I wasn’t with friends, I would go back to my apartment with a $10 bottle of wine and $15 worth of sushi. I spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on comfort eating and drinking before I left.

So, I knew when I came to New Zealand, that I was going to have to work.

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