5 Things to Do in Savannah

IMG_20140920_115050160_HDRRecently, my mother reached a milestone birthday. I don’t think she would appreciate me saying what the milestone was on this site, so I’ll just say she nobody actually believes that she’s as old as she is. She’s smokin’ hot.

Anyway, to celebrate her big day, my aunt and I wanted to do something memorable for her. We decided to spend a girls’ weekend in Savannah, Georgia, the land of peaches (and peach sangria), Forrest Gump filming landmarks, and no open container law (yeah, I’ll take that peach sangria to go, please)!

1. Have Dinner at the Olde Pink House

Olde Pink House

The Olde Pink House was one of the highlights of our trip. We decided to have one fancy night out at a historic restaurant in the heart of Savannah. The Olde Pink House was built in 1789 and since then has been a home, a bank, and a restaurant.

There are several different rooms you have a chance of dining in while there. There are fancy rooms with wainscoting, old portraits, and marble fireplaces. However, we sat in the back of the house, in the dimly lit, cozy room which was previously the office of the bank. I preferred our little corner to the louder, brighter rooms.

The food was amazing. I had the pork shoulder with a side of mac and cheese. It was incredibly rich. I couldn’t even finish it, which is a unprecedented for me. I normally lick my plate like a savage. My full stomach was already half full before I even started on my entree due to the amazing bread basket they gave us. They had the best biscuits I’ve ever had in my life. And I’m from the South. I’ve had my fair share of biscuits. Really, y’all. I had to refrain from asking my server to just bring me a plate of those bad boys for my entree.

I also can’t forget our pre-dinner drink at the Tavern below the house. The Tavern is situated in the old kitchen of the house. As a basement should be, it is dark, so dark that many people had to use the candles on the tables and bar to read their menus. While we were there, it was pleasantly crowded and there was a pianist/singer at the baby grand piano in the corner. The atmosphere is much less formal than that of the upstairs. We probably would have had dinner down there as well (it is a full menu) if only it wasn’t so dark.

2. Do a Mead Tasting at the Savannah Bee Company


This was a whole different experience for us. We wandered into the Savannah Bee Company store, which sold honey and products made with honey including soaps, lotions, and mead. We were (easily) coerced in to trying some mead.

IMG_20140919_190119685None of us had ever tasted mead and none of us were huge fans of the drink. But the woman hosting us did a great job of describing how mead is made and the history of it.

3. Take the Free Water Taxi


This is a short ride on the river that makes for some great photo opportunities!

4. Go on the Savannah Slow Ride Pub CrawlPub Crawl Savannah

As previously stated, there is no open container law in Savannah. You can drink on the streets of downtown if the alcohol is in a paper or plastic cup. No bottles or cans allowed.
Thank goodness I don’t live in Savannah, my liver would be pickled.

This led to many “to go” beverages. The best of which was this fantastic peach sangria.
We even go a cup on our bike trolley pub crawl.

I still can’t believe my aunt and I convinced my mother to go on this trolley. Each of the seats on the trolley had pedals that everyone used to make the trolley move. Our driver/tour guide took us to four pubs during the tour. My favorite was Abe’s on Lincoln. The bar was decorated with portraits of Abraham Lincoln drawn on cocktail napkins by patrons.

5. Shop and Wander


I’m not one for shopping usually, but Savannah is home to several boutiques that even I could not resist. And, of course, one fabulous bookstore.

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    That sounds like such a fun trip. I didn’t know they didn’t have an open container law there- to go drinks sound awesome! I’m pretty fond of shopping and wandering. Also Sangria sounds so good right now

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