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“Don’t Let Anyone Stop You.”

My fabulous family. Full of love...and too many opinions.

My fabulous family. Full of love…and too many opinions.

“You need to start your real life,” my aunt said.

“I have started my real life,” I replied indignantly from the passenger’s seat. “I’m living it.”

She gave a deep sigh and clutched the steering wheel.

This was not the reaction I’d expected from her when I announced that I was going to travel the world for a year. I had expected a reaction like this from my mother or from many of my eight uncles, but not from my mother’s only sister.

For most of my life, her and I had common ground. We were both teased mercilessly in elementary and middle school. We both struggled with our weight and our self-image. She had advised me through much of my youth and could relate to me even more than my mother could.  But this is where the line was drawn.

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