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Turning Around is Not Going Backward

DSCN0392I had a gut feeling as I bought my minibus ticket to go to Pai from Chiang Mai. The feeling was…in a nutshell, “Don’t Go.”

But everyone told me I had to go to Pai. So…I did.

I was reluctant even as I was boarding the bus, mainly because I loved Chiang Mai so much and I didn’t want to leave. But, got on the bus I did.

I had heard horror stories of car sickness from the 762 turns on the road that leads to the little town. Luckily, no one was sick in my bus, so the drive to Pai was tolerable.  I quickly learned, though, that a tolerable ride to a place that you don’t really want to go becomes a miserable ride.

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Yes, I’m an Old Lady at Heart (Stop Judging Me)

Learning new drinking games in Bangkok.

Learning new drinking games in Bangkok.

I love hostel life. I really do. I don’t mind sleeping in a dorm with nine other people. Even people who snore or smell or come stumbling in drunk at four o’clock in the morning. Those are things I can look past.

Being around such an amazing variety of people is worth it.

There are so many characteristics of hostel life that I enjoy: I like entering the common room in the morning and someone asking me what I’m doing for the day and inviting me to join them in their plans, or just giving me advice on where to go. I like that I can always get someone to tag along with me if I am nervous about going somewhere or doing something alone. I love the sense of community and listening to other travelers’ stories.

That being said, I have run into some prejudices I have never run into before at a hostel.

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