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Escaping the First Time: Istanbul

Turkey Collage.jpg

Traveling to Istanbul was my first attempt at running away.

I didn’t like college. In fact, I hadn’t really wanted to go at all, but I felt pressured by my friends and by my family to go. I am now grateful that I have a degree, but at the time, I was kicking and screaming.

After my sophomore year, I took a hiatus from college and took off to Istanbul to work as an au pair for a family that was pretty insane. I was there for six weeks when I got food poisoning, realized how crazy the family was (they still expected me to watch their monster children even though I was sprawled out on the bathroom floor with my head against the toilet bowl) and decided to get out.

Despite working for a crazy and inconsiderate family, I loved Istanbul. I loved the food, the ferry rides across the Bosphorus, and spending my one day off a week in a hookah bar with my new friend, Kimberly.

I came home feeling defeated, but it wouldn’t be long until I was looking to escape again.