Hello, Cambodia

"Free beer, just for you!"

“Free beer, just for you!”

When I crossed the border from Laos into Cambodia, I instantly felt better.

I had not fallen in love with Laos–the food was subpar and the people I met were not as kind as the ones in Thailand. The people in Cambodia, though, (from my limited experience) are amazing.

My first stop was Siem Reap to see the Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples.

Sunrise at Angkor Wat

Sunrise at Angkor Wat

April is the hottest month in Cambodia, my travel buddy and I elected not to ride bicycles around the temples. Instead, we hired a tuk tuk driver for all three days that we toured the area.

Two mornings, we got up ridiculously early to see the sunrise. On the third day, we were supposed to watch the sunset, but it was too cloudy to see much. Cue the fantastic woman (pictured above) who was friends with our driver insisted on giving us free beer.

It was a wonderful beginning to my Cambodia adventure.

But it was just so so so hot.

Like, hotter than North Carolina in August.

I needed to get to the ocean.


I decided to bypass Phnom Penh and head directly to Koh Rong. I have to fly out of Phnom Penh at the end of the month anyway.

Just the sight of the coast from the bus window made me tear up. Koh Rong (and Koh Rong Sanloem), was paradise.

My home on Koh Rong

My home on Koh Rong

I spent five nights on Koh Rong and three nights on the smaller and less-populated Koh Rong Sanloem.

The islands were not that cheap, though. I shared a hut with two other girls and we paid $10 each. Meals were often $5. This is not the place for a backpacker on a very strict budget.

So, with my Cambodia fund running out faster than expected, I left the island and have since made my way to Sihanoukville, to celebrate the New Year!



4 thoughts on “Hello, Cambodia

  1. Jo

    I think you made the right call heading for the beach, sightseeing can be so exhausting when it’s hot! I really don’t think anyone knows what true heat is until they get to Asia, the humidity is like an oppressive cocoon wherever you go. And it always makes me smile to see the money mindset you get into when travelling cheap- “It wasn’t a budget place, we spent $10 a night!”. Australia will be a shock to you! 😉

    1. Kendra Granniss Post author

      Oh, I’ve heard all about Australia. Haha. I bet is going to be like NYC price. So, I will be momentarily shocked, but then I figure I will get used to it quickly. It was only 3 months ago that I was having to pay NYC rent and spending $20 on take-out daily.

  2. Karyn Jane

    Sounds like you had a similar welcome to Cambodia as us! Our first night we wandered out looking for food amongst the local non-touristy restaurants. The people were so kind, we had no idea what the fuck to ask for but everybody was so nice and it was such a lovely welcome. I think you made the right call heading to the coast too, the dust and heat of inland can be so oppressive.

    Also, what’s this what’s this? You’re coming to Australia??? You must let me know when you’re in Melbourne!

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