Klong Lat Mayom Floating Market

DSCN0257Floating markets in Bangkok are popular destinations for both travelers and locals. They are known for vibrant Thai atmospheres and…well, lots of amazing food. Of course, it was one of the places I knew I had to go.

When I was told there was a shuttle bus that could pick me up directly from my hostel and take me to a market over an hour away, I knew that it would be packed with tourists. Not that I’m against tourists. After all, I am one of them. But I get frustrated in crowds, so I wanted to go someplace perhaps a little quieter.

I read about Klong Lat Mayom, a smaller and less touristy market, and enlisted a couple of my hostel mates to travel along with me first thing in the morning. (I am not quite brave enough to venture so far on my own yet. I thought getting older would make me more brave. It turns out it just has made me a big chicken.)

We took the BTS line to Wongwian Yai (though I later read that you should take it all the way to Bang Wa) and took a taxi from there. It was an 110 baht ride from the train station to the market.

The vendors had already set up and the smells of meats grilling, curry simmering, and fish frying combined together to make me salivate.

Market Boat


But before I could eat, we decided to take an hour and a half long boat trip along the canals to get a good view of what life was like for the residents of this community on the water. It was probably the most touristy part of this market, but it was worth it.

People napped on their waterfront porches, a monk swept the steps leading up to a temple, boats paddled by selling food. I loved getting a peek inside everyday Thai lives.

Then, we stopped at an orchid farm, were we were free to wander around rows of exotic flowers.


Then, finally, it was time for lunch. Not pictured, because I devoured it as soon as it was in front of me.

As I have learned these past four days in Thailand. The best thing to do following a delicious meal is to take a nice midday nap. Sleep time, y’all.

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