Lombok to Flores: Taking the Long Way

boatsHad I known I would get a wicked cold after hiking Mount Rinjani, I probably would not have agreed to go taking a three-day boat trip from Lombok to Flores.

Things a person does not want to do when they are sick:

  • Not shower for four days
  • Sleep on a plastic mat without any blankets on a boat floor
  • Be stuck in the scorching Indonesia sun without any possibility of aircon

After the strain of doing a trek that I was physically unprepared for in temperatures that I did not have appropriate clothes for, I got pretty sick. For about a week, I slept an unreasonable amount (much of it on the floor of the boat) and was pretty cranky. But, for better or for worse I was stuck on a tiny boat with 15 other people, only one squat toilet and no shower.

I had to make the best of it.

And with views like this, it wasn’t hard.

3 day trip view


During the course of the three days, we got to stop at several islands and snorkel with giant manta rays. (I have no pictures of our manta snorkeling experience. This photo was taken by my friend, Sophie, who got to dive with them!)


We also took the necessary trip to see the Komodo dragons.


And got some great photo opportunities.

Overall, there are worse places to get over a cold.


The three-day trip from Lombok to Flores was no luxury cruise, but it was well worth the journey. I have never done such amazing snorkeling or seen such clear water.

That being said–the next time I need to get from Lombok to Flores, I’m buying a plane ticket.