Photos of the Mumbles, Wales

Mumbles BoatI studied abroad in Swansea, Wales.

Why Wales instead of somewhere truly exotic like Spain or France or Japan? I feel like I shouldn’t reveal this yet. But let me tell you, my reason for studying in Wales was truly the dorkiest.

On days with fair weather (there weren’t many), I would often take the bus from the university to the village of Mumbles.

Fun Facts about Mumbles:

  • The origin of the name “mumbles” is up for debate. Some believe it is referencing the mumbling of the sea against the rocks. Some believe that the name originates from the Latin word mamillae, which means breasts–referring to the two rounded little rocky islands that jut from the water.
  • Dylan Thomas spent a good deal of time at the pubs in Mumbles.
  • The lighthouse was built in the 1790s.
  • Oystermouth Castle overlooks the ocean and is also where open-air Shakepearean performances are held.
  • The Oystermouth Railway was built in 1806, connecting Swansea to Oystermouth. It was shut down and dismantled in 1960 and people are still upset about it today.

Mumbles TownMumbles Lighthouse Mumbles Pier from Afar Mumbles Pier

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