My Day at Thai Farm Cooking School

Cooking SchoolIt seems like everyone takes a cooking class in Chiang Mai. It was one of those things I was told that I must do while staying in the city. When I began to explore my options, I was overwhelmed. There are so many different cooking schools in Chiang Mai. Most of them offering similar programs.

I chose Thai Farm Cooking School because two different people told me how amazing it was.

And it was amazing. (Thank you, friends!)

I was picked up from my hostel at 8:30am for my full day class. It was in the back of the truck that I met my nine classmates. The school tries to keep the classes small (maximum 11 people).

From there, we were driven to a market outside of the city where our teacher, Rika (who called us all “my children” for the entire day) showed us what types of foods are common in Thai cooking and told us about their health benefits. (So much fish sauce!)

Then, it was time to make our way up to the farm. I cannot tell you how relieving it felt to get out of the city for the day. After being surrounded for two weeks by concrete and traffic, the garden around our classroom was a welcome sight.

Rika “Mama” showed us around the garden and gave us samples of the fruits and vegetables they grow there including bitter eggplant, sweet basil, and tamarind.

Finally, it was time to start cooking! Even for a terrible novice cook like myself, the dishes were fairly easy.

Things I made (and did not burn):

Food - Cooking Class

  • Tom Yam Soup
  • Green Curry
  • Basil Chicken Stir Fry
  • Mango Sticky Rice

Things I made (and did kinda burn):

Sorry, pad thai. You were still delicious!

Sorry, pad thai. You were still delicious!

  • Pad Thai

Since I took the class, I have recommended it to many other people. Not only do you get to make (and eat) some delicious Thai meals, you also gain a lot of knowledge about the ingredients in the food and their health benefits!

A one day class costs 1,300 Baht.

Find the Thai Farm Cooking School website here.



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    1. Kendra Granniss Post author

      I hope you had/are having an amazing time. It’s a really beautiful place! I can’t imagine how much you would get to learn in 3 days instead of one!

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