New Zealand So Far

wellingtonI have been in New Zealand for over three months now and, overall, I am loving my adventure here. It is an adventure that poses an entirely different challenges from the ones I had in Southeast Asia. Buying a car, learning to drive on the left side of the road, and spending my days looking for paid work are just a few of the hurdles I’ve had to overcome. Now, I can say that I have done these things. I have my beautiful (if a little slow) van, Minerva.

I have learned to drive without killing anyone.

And I have a job for the next three months at a holiday park in Te Anau. I am excited to begin saving money for my adventures after New Zealand.

So, where have I been? What have I been up to?

So much, I don’t know where to begin.

My top New Zealand highlights so far are:

  1. WWOOFing

MilkingI have had three great WWOOFing hosts so far in my travels. For those of you who don’t know, WWOOF standing for Willing Workers on Organic Farms. Basically, you work for four hours a day in exchange for room and board.

farmSo far, I have spent three weeks on a family farm doing gardening and looking after chickens, donkeys, horses, cows, and goats. I have spent four nights at a dairy farm and almost gotten my nose taken off by a flying hoof. And, I’ve spent a week on a vineyard planting new vines (and drinking tons of pinot noir).


2. Living in my car
Van life

I am living in a van the size of a matchbox. It is the smallest backpacker car that I’ve seen so far. But my cozy van has turned into my little home and I love the freedom it gives me to go wherever I please.

3. Outdoor adventuring

After four years living in New York City and being stuck at an office desk, I am so happy that now I get to spend my days outside in this beautiful country.


I have been hiking, canyoning, horseback riding and running my way through New Zealand. horse


And the best news is that I still have eight whole months to explore. Of course, the next part of my travels are going to look a little different.

I got a job. (Ugh. I know.) But, I’m actually very excited that I will be working in a holiday park in Te Anau for the next three months. Yay, income!

2 thoughts on “New Zealand So Far

  1. Yvonne

    Yeah Kendra, you are loving your dream. Amazing to me but I am getting to live your adventure right her in my home through you. You are out of the same pea pod as Jermey and Acacia. I really am proud of you. Love your pictures.
    Can’t wait for the next update on your adventures. Love you much.

    1. Kendra Granniss Post author

      Hi Yvonne! Thank you so much. It is quite an adventure and I’m so happy that I’ve had all of these opportunities! Miss you so much and I will definitely come see you the next time I am in NC!

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