Running Chiang Mai

ParkI didn’t run once in Bangkok. Partly because I was majorly jet lagged, but also because the streets were crazy. I’ll admit, I did not go out of the way to look for a good park to jog in. If I go back for an extended period of time, I will have to seek out running options in the city.

However, I seem to have found my happy running routine in Chiang Mai.park bench

Suan Buak Hat is the old city’s only public park, and it also happened to be about a five minute walk from my hostel. It can be crowded in the afternoon with people picnicking, feeding the fish and birds, and strolling. But most mornings it is pretty quiet and peaceful. I often only share the park with a handful of other runners.

My running buddies...

My running buddies…

So, I am back into my running routine, which makes me infinitely happier.