First trip to Scotland

Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Stirling

Scotland Collage

I went to Edinburgh with my roommate to visit her friend who lived there during spring break my sophomore year. I’ll be honest, I had to look back at pictures to jog my memory about this trip. And not because it wasn’t fun.

It was perhaps a little too much fun.

I’ll tell you this: Whenever I picture picturesque Edinburgh in my mind, I can still taste vodka and Redbull.

My roommate’s friend, Laura, had an apartment in Edinburgh. She was a wonderful hostess who laid out breakfast for us every morning and drove us around Scotland when she wasn’t working. We took a day trip to Glasgow while we were there. The day trip was mostly to visit Primark which is the best store for cheap, fashionable clothing. Also, I was delighted to see a real police call box for the first time. (It was not the TARDIS. I know, because I tried to break in.)

On the way to Glasgow, we took a side trip to Stirling, where we visited the William Wallace monument. Like I said, I don’t remember much. But I do remember it being so windy on the hike up the spiral stairs to the top of the monument that we could barely stand.

Despite the wind and the alcohol-induced blackouts, I loved Scotland. I went back a couple of years later to visit Laura again. Each time I was there, I felt at home instantly. I hope to go back sometime next year on my journey around the world.

I have yet to see the Highlands and would to walk them. I recently stumbled across a website entirely devoted to walking Scotland and I have become obsessed with planning my next Scottish journey.

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