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The Grouse Whisky Tour in Crieff, Scotland

Glenturret DistilleryWhile I was on spring break from my semester abroad in Swansea, Wales, I spent a week with my friend, Laura, in her home country of Scotland.

My friend and college roommate, Brett (of The Sunshine Traveller), and I had taken a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland the year before. Brett introduced me to Laura, who turned out to be a fabulous host and tour guide.

When I visited Laura the second time around, on my own this time, she was equally generous. I had one of the best times touring her neck of the woods, with her in the driver’s seat.

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How Doctor Who Changed My Life

All the aliens a girl could ask for!

Cardiff, Wales

When I was a freshman in college, my mother noticed that I suddenly had one droopy eyelid. Sure enough, when I looked in the mirror I saw that one eyelid was hanging lower than the other. So, I went to the eye doctor to get it checked out and he gave me some drops, which didn’t help at all. My right eyelid continued to droop.

Then, over summer vacation, I became very weak. I began to sleep a lot. I had to leave my job at the card store because I could no longer lift my arms high enough to put picture frames on the shelves. I went to my pediatrician, who sent me to countless other doctors and specialists who searched my brain for tumors and tested me for everything from cancer to MS. My mother, because of her fear that I was dying, couldn’t bear to even look at me.

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Photos of the Mumbles, Wales

Mumbles BoatI studied abroad in Swansea, Wales.

Why Wales instead of somewhere truly exotic like Spain or France or Japan? I feel like I shouldn’t reveal this yet. But let me tell you, my reason for studying in Wales was truly the dorkiest.

On days with fair weather (there weren’t many), I would often take the bus from the university to the village of Mumbles.

Fun Facts about Mumbles:

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First trip to Scotland

Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Stirling

Scotland Collage

I went to Edinburgh with my roommate to visit her friend who lived there during spring break my sophomore year. I’ll be honest, I had to look back at pictures to jog my memory about this trip. And not because it wasn’t fun.

It was perhaps a little too much fun.

I’ll tell you this: Whenever I picture picturesque Edinburgh in my mind, I can still taste vodka and Redbull.

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Taste of Freedom in the City of Light

Paris Collage.jpg.

My freshman year of college, I had the opportunity to travel to Paris with a class I was taking. It was my first taste of real traveling freedom since my professor only had us check in about once a day.

We even got to take an excursion to London (where I could go to the Globe Theater and totally reenact that scene from Doctor Who.)

The truth was, I wasn’t really interested in seeing Paris ever. I just wanted another excuse to travel abroad again. I didn’t want to love Paris, because loving Paris was too cliché. But, it was futile. I fell hard and fast for the City of Light and even went back with my mother two years later.