Where the Bank Account Ends

Te AnauEven with WWOOFing, which helped me get around New Zealand cheaply, it was clear my money was not going to last. I didn’t need to look at my bank account to know this.

Before I left New York, I had a goal of saving $18,000 for my six-month to one-year trip. But I only made it to $14,000. I should have saved more, since I was working at least 80 hours a week, but I struggled. Because of the anxiety that came with an office job that made me want to jump out a window and working two additional jobs, I spent the little shreds of my free time meeting up with friends for drinks or dinner (or drunk brunch, of course). On days that I wasn’t with friends, I would go back to my apartment with a $10 bottle of wine and $15 worth of sushi. I spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on comfort eating and drinking before I left.

So, I knew when I came to New Zealand, that I was going to have to work.

For the past two months that’s what I’ve been doing. I am now living and working in a small, but beautiful, town on the South Island at a holiday park (a campground/motel/hotel/hostel combination common in New Zealand.) It’s a glamorous life scrubbing toilets, pulling hair out of shower drains, and practicing my hospital corners when I make beds. And I always get a little hit of satisfaction when I rap on a door and say, “Housekeeping!” You have to learn to enjoy the little things.

It is not the job I dreamed about when I sat in my university fiction writing classes, but it is a good life here.

I am located in Te Anau, near both the Milford and Doubtful sounds. I spend my off time running on the peaceful native bush of the Kepler Track. Best of all, I have a library card! This has made me happier than anything else. I am finally in a place long enough to have a library card! I am devouring books with the same desperate frenzy that I did as a kid.

The absence of travel for the past two months has left me restless, though. I am longing for Southeast Asia where life was cheaper and everyday felt like a (sometimes undesired) adventure. I find myself repeating the same cliche on the phone with my family. You can’t run away from yourself. I can’t run away from the anxiety-riddled person that I’ve always been.

I’ve often compared myself to a shark–if I stop moving, I drown.

Just as I did in North Carolina and in New York, I feel the anxiety building in me again. I feel the constant need to pace up and down the hall. I have to always be doing something, treading water. I can’t just let myself relax. I’m trying to work on this, but it is difficult for me to retrain my brain. Especially since I have been this way my entire life.

That is my goal for the next couple of months that I will be in Te Anau. That and to save enough money for the next leg of my adventure!

My 2016 plans are finally coming into place. I will spend January thru May WWOOFing around the North Island. Then I will be headed to Israel, Jordan, and on a mini-European jaunt!


One thought on “Where the Bank Account Ends

  1. Stephen Jones

    Always comes down to still being able to afford it, doesn’t it. 🙂 It sounds, though, that you’re still having a fantastic time. I mean, what a part of the world to be located in at the moment! New Zealand is a country I’ve not yet been to, and it’s only a three hour flight away. I will get there, some day. Maybe I’ll figure away to justify a bit of money to spend a little time there, before I set off on my RTW bicycle trip.

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